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2008-2009 Photograph Price Schedule

Approximate print sizes are shown and may vary somewhat (Standard Cropping, Full Frame, etc.).Full frame photographs print narrower than those of standard crop. Print paper is archival. Prints normally shipped un-mounted. Add 2" to 3.5" on all four sides for matted prints. Color of mat at the preference of the photographer unless a specific color is requested by purchaser. Pricing may have to be adjusted. Framed pieces are not available. Shipping costs (based on shipping location)to be added to the prices listed. Prices are depicted by (A,B,C,D,E,F,G, etc.). Prints are limited edition, signed, dated, & numbered. Several prints are noted "OE"-Open Edition.

Note: M&M= double matted & print mounted on backboard.
CD = indicates image cropped down in either the horizontal or vertical dimension.

A. 8x10 Print Only- $50.00; M&M - $65.00.
B. CDx10 Print Only - $50.00; M&M - $65.00.
C. 11x14 Print Only - $65.00; M&M - $85.00.
D. CDx14 Print Only - $65.00; M&M - $80.00.
E. 11x17 print only - $75.00; M&M - $100.00.
F. 12x18 print only - $85.00; M&M - $115.00.
G. CDx18 print only - $85.00; M&M - $110.00.
H. 16x20 print only - $120.00.
I. CDx20 print only - $115.00.
J. 16x24 print only - $150.00.
K. CDx24 print only - $145.00.

Note: Quotes provided for larger sizes.

The photographs displayed on this web site are only a small sampling of the stock images/subjects available. There are over 35,000 quality images on file.
If there is a photograph you are interested in and would like more information on the subject, or would like to know of I have something that is not listed please Contact me to identify your specific needs and we will get back with shortly.


Moments from Nature

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Photography by
Philip J. Sonier

Moments from Nature

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Photography by
Philip J. Sonier©