Satin lined gift box with bone like clasp
Box color may not be as shown


An Attitude

Tight Formation

Winter's Beauties

Polar Bear Babies

Polar Bear Family

Three Little Bears

Fresh Snow

Bull Elk

Big Horn Ram



Single File


All images/photographs shown on this web site are copyright protected and the sole property of the photographer (Philip J. Sonier). Images shall not be copied, reproduced, or modified in whole or in part, without prior signed written permission/authorization to do so from the photographer.



Moments from Nature

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Photography by
Philip J. Sonier

Moments from Nature

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Photography by
Philip J. Sonier©

Gifts of Photography


Wildlife Note Cards

Wildlife Ornament Collector Series



Wildlife Note Cards

 Available for most images shown on the web site. 
Individually packaged in a clear plastic envelope. Cards are white 80#, 4.25" x 6.25" card stock and come with a white A-6 envelope. The image (4" x 6") is attached to the front of the card. The image is on either Glossy or Luster photo paper. On the backside of the card is the photographers name, address, etc. plus subject info.  The inside of the card is left blank  for your use. Card can be cut at fold so picture can be reused.


 Subjects may be mixed. If you are interested in an image not shown on the web site but may have been seen at an Art Show, that image, in most cases,  can also be provided as a note card. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery on all cards.



Credit Card (by mail or telephone only). Personal Check, Cashiers Check or Money Order.

1-5 note cards - $3.50 each + $5.00 USPS (Up to 5 Cards)
6-10 note cards - $3.25 each + $5.00 USPS (Up to 10 cards)
11 or more cards - $3.00 each +  $7.50 USPS (Up to 20 cards). Shipping and handling for more than 20 cards must be calculated based on the size of the order.



Wildlife Ornament Collector Series


Phil Sonier

Specially selected photographs taken by Phil Sonier have been carefully reproduced by hand painting the images on the inside of clear glass ornaments.   Several ornaments have more than one image. All ornaments have a colorful hanging cord and come in a colored gift box with closing clasp.  Phil’s name appears on each ornament. 

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